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Fall Update …

One thing I want you to remember is that everything is cyclic – weather, stock market, our paycheck, even life and death. The trick is to tap into those cycles – at a skilled level of action &understanding.

Special Dates: September 2nd (90 after Lunar Eclipse of June); Sept 17th (90 days after Solar Eclipse of June)

Mars Retrograde from September 9th to November 13th. Take in quiet time and an extra meditation on the 8th & 13th. October 31st Full Moon has the signature of a Breakthrough or Sudden Change …

We may witness an increase of tension this fall regarding what action and changes we have/have not experienced over the last few months from personal/collective. Have we been trying to fix problems on the fly without enough planning or organized awareness? Tried to solve problems using old ways and tools, which has increased fear and raging tempers? We have an opportunity over the next two months to step back, re-organize and re-cover lost ground. Pause before acting or jumping in to control, choose to observe and witness real change. We are on the verge of a break-through but it will take time to put all the pieces together then move forward into a new world of awareness. It is especially important to continue to anchor the light and emanate love into your environment during this time period.

Now is the perfect time to reflect and journal about your experiences over the last 3 months – if you could go back in time and change your re-action … what would that look like? You will have the next 2 months to re-work your action plan as you move forward toward a New Year. Continue to watch your finances and less spending where ever you can.


Solar/Lunar cycles

The dance between the Sun, the Giver of Life and Light & the Moon, who projects this Light into Patterns and Habits to be experienced individually. The Lunar Cycle solidifies time on earth, and allows us to experience gifts and growth month after month. These are cycles we can depend on, providing a sense of comfort, gently guiding our human journey.


New Moon/ Full Moon

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Use the New Moon to set NEW Goals : July 20th / August 18th / September 17th / October 16th / November 14th / December 14th

Use the Full Moon to FINISH up loose ends and re-evaluate current Goals: August 3rd / September 1st / October 1st & 31st / November 30th / December 29th

A symbol chartRe-cap of the The Astrology of it All

Mercury (Communication) moves through each sign in a symbiotic relationship with the Sun as it can only be up to 28 degrees away from the Sun in any given day. Mercury represents our working mind and our communication and data collecting style. Mercury will move into his final Retrograde for the year on October 14th. During the Retrograde … Schedule some computer and email downtime #1 backup all computers and phone and data – go through old emails, face-book, Instagram, messages, texts, newsletters – what do you really look at and what can you let go of. Are there apps you are paying for but not using?

Venus (Harmony & Love) can only be 48 degrees from the sun (so a little more than 1 sign. Moves through Leo in September, Virgo and just a bit of Libra in October, Libra/Scorpio in November and Scorpio/Sagittarius in December. Venus represents what you want to pull toward you in Harmony, Love and Beauty.

Mars (Action) steadily moves through Aries over the next few months, If you need to win the battle… now is the time to get active … move it or lose it! Mars moves Retrograde from September until mid November (which only happens once every 2 years). This is an opportunity to re-make your plan of ACTION.

Jupiter (Opportunity) is in Capricorn where opportunity slows down but can truly become manifest. Get organized! He moves out of a current Retrograde on September 13th – so get ready to step into opportunities that will create the greatest growth.

Saturn (Boundaries) continues to move through Capricorn for the month. Bring structure to Chaos! Saturn will move Direct on September 29th.

Uranus (Higher Mind / the Unexpected) is at 10 degrees of Taurus and moves Retrograde on August 15th right through to the end of the year.

Neptune Collective Dreams / Art / Removing Boundaries is slowly moving in a long Retrograde through Pisces. Don’t get caught up in obsessive behaviours including alcohol and drugs.

Pluto demands collective Change / Transformation that is good for the whole (meaning you need to keep your EGO out of it) is moving full steam ahead in Capricorn is moving in a long Retrograde at 22 degrees.

As you can see the planets (especially the Collective Planets) move in and out of long Retrogrades and Direct motion over the year, this allows us time to move inward – make new strategies and then move forward.


What is a Retrograde? An inner spiral of energy, re—- Re-do; re-think; re-investigate, re-evaluate. Before moving forward with something new during a retrograde … be sure to check the fine print. Buy something used! Wait for clarity … Pause before you Act.

Love Your Way! Tamira AKA Silverdisc

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