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blessed samhain

Samhain Greetings my friends,


The time period, between Oct. 31st and Nov. 2nd is one of the most widely celebrated ancient traditions honoring our ongoing connection with ancestors and loved ones who have passed. Samhain meaning ‘summer’s end’ heralds the thinning of the veil between the seen and unseen worlds. Most of us have heard of or participated in the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico or here in the US. Connecting with our ancestors and expressing love and gratitude has always been the theme of this time for thousands of years. Samhain was celebrated at our ancestors’ graves and other gathering sites, long before ‘trick or treating’ as goblins and ghouls became popular.


In 2019, I had the honor of experiencing Taita Juanito (a 5th generation Indigenous Shaman) leading several Ayahuasca ceremonies in Costa Rica. Then, at the very start of the Pandemic lockdown in the United States, I was fortunate to be able to listen to a live webinar from Columbia offered by Taita and I have spoken the following words (translated from Spanish) every day since, as an affirmation for all planetary citizens of Mother Earth. 

Speaking the affirmation from Taita uplifts me.


“Everything is already getting better…what is happening was always going to happen because it is part of humanity’s return home. All the events taking place are guiding humanity back to Source, to balanced living, and to the Ancestral Memory…it is returning humanity, as a single race, back to the flow of Creation, it is returning you, me, all of us, back to Love.” Taita Juanito 4/02/2020


I chose to go deeper into the meaning of the phrase ‘ancestral memory’ which I heard Taita use many times during his talks. I listened to Summits presenting the wisdom of folks from around the world and many spiritual traditions, on Ancestral Healing, which opened a whole new awareness of just how important it is to connect to our ancestors, not just those we knew but our lineage that goes very far back. Not only do our ancestors help us, but they too are seeking healing from their trauma. 


If this information inspires you, just know there are experienced and highly trained practitioners that you can find to help. My own experiences in Costa Rica led me to heal much of the trauma I knew about, but also showed me my feminine lineage going back Millennia. The experience reinforced my life purpose, which is being part of the movement returning the Divine Feminine to our consciousness.  It also encouraged me to use my expertise with couples to teach Sacred Partnership. 


I hope you will access the incredible opportunities during this time to connect with your ancestors. By meditating, walking in nature, feeling into the love and support all around you, more wisdom will be available from the ancient memory. 


Love and Blessings of Samhain, Linda E Savage PhD

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