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Let’s Keep Turning to the LIGHT! Let’s Keep Our Auras BRIGHT!



Greetings of LOVE, LIGHT, and Laughter from the mountain top! Here at almost 7000 feet elevation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we are gathering the best from our recent three Harvest Festivals, as we strive to leave behind the negative in our pasts. We move through the fall cycle, celebrating our good, as we approach the rebirth of the sun on Winter Solstice. Here in the USA, we also prepare for one of our favorite Holidaze… THANKSGIVING. So thanks for your giving, dear ESP LAB member! You help keep the dream alive.


Let us start and end each day with Thanksgiving. Thankfulness multiplies our good fortune. In addition to starting and ending each day with Thanksgiving for all the blessings, I like to count my blessings during times of challenge and emotional distress. It changes the channel from counting disturbances to counting joys. Al would say,“what we give our attention multiplies!”


Both Al Manning and myself followed the work of Divine Scientist Emmet Fox. Fox said, “bless a thing and it will bless you; curse a thing and it will curse you.” Thus, I am always blessing my day, my weather, my business affairs, my body, my personal relationships…and blessing you, while endeavoring to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative… not always such an easy gig, in today’s world. Since I believe clear thoughts coupled with strong emotions shape our reality, I must choose to program my mind for success. My choice is to Bless you now– body mind and spirit– with Divine Creative Energy and declare, “May you receive all you need and more for your well-being and positive unfoldment. So mote it be! Blessed be, It must be so!”


As Winter approaches I note that this is Nature’s time of going within– it is the low end of the life cycle, a time of introspection– good for meditation, planning, and use of that which has been harvested. It’s a good time to be inside by the fire and avoid the snowy icy roadways. In the context that each of us is the captain of a ship– of our personal evolution, physical well-being and spiritual development– how we weather the storms and tides of our life experience is up to each one of us.


It is too easy to turn to the downside, especially during the darkest time within the solar and lunar cycles. And of course, any one of us can have a sad moment or an angry feeling. It turns into a problem when too much of one’s mental and emotional activity is dedicated to the downside. If we are in a condition of fear, doubt, anger or worry, then our pipeline to the Divine Source becomes constricted. Thus we must learn to turn to the Light through prayer, positive thinking, meditation, white magick, and flooding our Consciousnesses with spiritual affirmation with the acceptance of DIVINE LOVE! When my mind or emotions start to drift toward the negative, I switch gears to “I AM the LIGHT going to meet the LIGHT only goodness shall result.” I might use some other quick and easy positive thought to switch gears to better and better: “Centered in the Peace and LOVE of the DIVINE– I know everything else is illusion.” If you repeat these like a parrot they do not work as well. One must feel the truth of the message and repeat it until you experience and know it is true. “God is LOVE, and he who loves is of God.” “The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want!”


My challenge to you… is that you spend the next period of time—through the end of this year, 2022, seeking to focus on the LIGHT side, rather than the Down side. In doing so, you are choosing the best for you… Let’s make it so, Captain, and blessed be we! As we brighten our auras, it helps to promote good health and success!


Al would argue that all disease begins in the Aura. This idea was confirmed in the book the SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS. Accordingly let us keep our auras bright.


You may ask how to do this? Laughter, Fun, Joy, chakra cleansing, prayer, meditation, creative visualization can all help with this!


Al would also say that “Laughter is a LIGHT Attunement! It chases away dark energies and brightens your aura.” He was always cracking a corny joke. Here’s one:




So smile, like an Al cartoon, and keep winning!!


Here is a healing chant for you… to be chanted over your drinking water– so that you can be all you can be! A HEALING CHANT by Al Manning– Traditionally you hold your palms down over the water to help direct vital energy as you chant:


Spirits of life and health I ask

Renew my body for its tasks.

Make me strong and full of glee.

My hearty thanks I give to thee.


You can chant over your glass of water in the evening and then again in the morning and drink it down. You can alternate chanting with a powerful Native American Chant over your sacred water:          “azay’ha chee’ nee!” which means Healing magick waters!


For many years I studied herbs with the renowned herbalist and horticulturist, Dr. Lee Nelson. Lee was a Sioux Medicine Man known as “White Deer.” Lee told me that the Great Spirit, in his love for his children, had created healing herbs to help with any dis-ease. He also said, if you lacked the herb, you could call the energies and love of the Great Spirit into your water glass, which could then be used for healing.


Let the blue protective light of healing anoint you now, and bless and protect you on your trail.

As always it is fun to share the light with you! And do check out our new expanded online library: Enjoy & Blessed be!

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YES, smile like an AL cartoon…


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For FREEDOM Now and this FALL Meditate

with us on the Beautiful Blue LIGHT~~

Let’s turn to the sparkling BLUE LIGHT of PEACE, PROTECTION, POWER and PROSPERITY– Turn to oneness with the BLUE LIGHT– the positive healing creative BLUE LIGHT–  as we open ourselves to SPIRIT, STRENGTH, HEALTH, POWER & PEACE with INFINITE CREATIVITY– Let’s make this our 3rd or “extra” LIGHT attunement period NOW, and for each day of FALL 2022. Know that YOU will be uplifted and helped by participating whether or not your name appears on our special prayer lists. To play with us, just find a relatively peaceful place in which to relax and focus your complete attention on THE INFINITE SOURCE OF ALL… or simply God if the term is OK with you. Let your “imagination” fill in any blanks, but KNOW that there is always a response from the Infinite. Feel it as a shaft of White Light beaming down on you ever so lovingly. Bask in the Light and let it do a super cleansing job on your aura.  Then when you feel ready invite the Light to turn to Its SPARKLING BLUE color and continue: “‘I feel the Electric Blue Light flooding my aura and beingness with its super cleansing, healing, transformative growth, and strength; with spirituality, effectiveness, clarity, prosperity, fun, and enthusiasm, attraction, freedom, relaxation, sensuality, perspective, healing power; psychic, spiritual and material plane growth, with laughter, personal magnetism, creativity, humor, joy, ectoplasm and extra FUN… It burns, loves and laughs away, purifies and/or completely annihilates anything in or near me that is blocking my ability to manifest wonderful progress in all areas of my life, as it brings me wonderful drive and loving inspiration for effectiveness, good health, charisma and success. I am filled to the happy overflowing point now, so I gladly share my good by directing the energy to flow out to each one participating and then on through their personal experiences to my ESP Lab USA, International and to all ESP LAB members and guests!! I feel a wonderful surge of fresh power as the great circuit is completed & the energy flows back to me– into my personal life– from my ESP Lab.  Thanks for the privilege of sharing the LIGHT! NOW LET THERE BE the SPARKLING BLUE of INFINITE MANIFESTATIONS!  so mote it be!!


Let there be NEW GOOD FORTUNE for you and me,  As we broadcast LOVE, PEACE, PROSPERITY— to our ESP LAB Family—with all Humanity, especially to those in need. “Let there be RAINBOWS & Waves, rivers and streams, buckets and wheelbarrows full of money and good feedback, fresh inquiries, with creativity, peace, love, & harmony—just pouring in, to you and to me! And to our ESP LABORATORY. Yes, into my personal life experience. Chant it, plant it. Chant over it! Each time end with “Thanks to all who help, so mote it be!!”


Mighty Cosmic Forces, ESP LAB Spirit team with our own Spiritual helpers, teachers and guides: Thank you for full manifestation of all the positive requests of members and guests of ESP LAB.


Let there be RAinbow and waves, rivers and streams, buckets and wheel barrows full… of money and good feed back, fresh inquiries, creativity, with peace, love and harmony, just pouring in, to you and to me, and to all of our friends, yes our ESP LAB family, and into my personal life experience! Chant it, plant it, chant over it, and each time end with THANKS TO ALL WHO HELP, so mote it be!!!



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