The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius


by Michael Manning, DD

The Age of Aquarius will last for over 2,000 years, but it will take several years for its influence to come into full effect and obvious in the 3D world.  The astrological trigger for the dawning of this new age was the exact conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at zero degrees of Aquarius which happened on December 21st, 2020.

This New Age of Aquarius is about peace, harmony, equality, spiritual joy, spiritual liberation, humanity, equality, and freedom.  We have seen signs announcing the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  For example, in 1968 the rock musical Hair included lyrics such as, “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”, “Peace will guide the planets”, “Love will steer the stars”, and “The mind’s true liberation”.

The ideals of Aquarius are associated with democracy, freedom, creativity, nonconformity, idealism, humanitarianism, philanthropy, empathy, respect for people, and respect for human rights.

The 2012 winter solstice opened a gateway to new possibilities and marked the closure of many cosmic cycles along with the restart of those same cycles in a higher, more constructive form.  The enlightened people who treated the 2012 winter solstice as a gateway to a new era helped make the world a better place. Prior to the 2012 gateway, global nuclear devastation was still a possibility in our future. As a result of the efforts of those enlightened souls, the collective mind of humanity shifted to a new reality and the possibility of nuclear destruction nearly ceased to exist!

At the winter solstice of 2020, the Age of Aquarius officially started!  In addition, other major astrological aspects at this time also marked the start of new cycles of Aquarian-style influence, not just in its 2,160-year cosmic age, but also in 800-year, 500-year, and 200-year cycles!


Other Relevant Cycles are also at Work

Democracy (in its many forms, especially Constitutional Republics like the USA) is a vital component of the Age of Aquarius and it got started 800 years ago. In those days, a king had ultimate power and he could do whatever he wanted with regard to no one.

That changed as the Magna Carta forced King John of England to agree to new rights for the population that would place him – the ruler – underneath a new rule of Law. The king was forced to give up many of his oppressive actions, and the populace gained new rights.  This became the basis for English common law and freedom from oppression.

The 2020 winter solstice was also a repeat of the same astrological conjunction that triggered a huge wave of change about 500 years ago. This cycle shows how huge changes can emerge from small beginnings. About 500 years ago Martin Luther was enraged with the selling of indulgences (paying money for the forgiveness of sins) and other forms of church corruption.  He hammered copies of his essays of protest on church doors. He risked his life while demanding reform in the face of enormous established power. What emerged was wide-ranging as the Protestant Revolution sprang into life. It was the birth of new branches of Christianity where loving communion with the Prince of Peace became a revival movement that took precedent over the old habit of Sunday sermons berating entire congregations as sinners.

About 200 years ago discoveries in electricity that were later developed by Nikola Tesla heralded an era of scientific development leading to rapid developments in industry, homes, and then in computers, the Internet, Wi-Fi, and robotics.

The winter solstice in 2020 is one of massive astrological significance. Several powerful aspects are forming, marking the development of major, long-term cycles under Aquarian influence.  This will eventually bring about a massive reset in world affairs.  Remember that many people sometimes expect changes to happen immediately – the kind of people you could almost imagine praying, “Please, God, grant me patience… and hurry it up!”

With grand cosmic cycles, the timescale for change is years, not days or hours.  For example, after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 it took two years, not several hours, before the Berlin Wall was turned into rubble and, two years after that, the Soviet Union collapsed. This marked the end of the Cold War and the imminent threat of nuclear annihilation. A greater peace emerged, as originally anticipated, but on its own time schedule.

This emergence into a higher level of consciousness for humanity is coming and it could be a rocky transition, especially the first 4 to 36 months.  Take at least 10 minutes twice a day, and longer if you can, to radiate love and peace to all mankind and to our beautiful planet with intentions for a better world – this will make an enormous difference if enough people focus on this, particularly in the months ahead.  After that my crystal ball says things will improve tremendously.

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