Ask and Receive! Turn to the Healing Power of Divine Love!!

divine light


My dear friend and brother (in the light) Al Manning and I are both mavericks. We both spent some of our time growing up in Texas and some of it with conservative Christian upbringing. Over time, we both started studying all the religions of the world, and both of us have referred to ourselves as eclectic. Eclectic, “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.” I do love the stated dogma of the ESP LAB, “No Dogma!” as it frees us to study as we will. Personally, I claim to have the same religion as the United States of America, “Freedom” to choose.

As a boy of five I was told I had a guardian angel. I was comforted by this and the Guardian angel prayer was the first prayer I learned: “Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light, to guard, to rule and guide.” I loved angels then and now. They are powerhouses which are there to aid us. However, we must call upon the LIGHT, to invoke their presence and aid.

As a boy of fifteen I was doing Yoga in my mother’s living room in a small Texas town. I also started studying Rosicrucianism, Edgar Cayce, and wrote off to “Cosmic Awareness Communications” and other “way out organizations” that I found advertised in FATE magazine. When I started studying Hinduism, and Buddhism (which I really liked, as well as concepts of reincarnation)—I realized that I live in the good ole USA and the religion(s) of choice for most folks was Christianity based upon Judaism, so I decided to study that too. I read and liked the red letters of Jesus in the New Testament. Jesus’ admonition to “LOVE ONE ANOTHER!” was welcomed by me. At sixteen years old I liked the concept of laying on of hands to express Divine Healing, and practiced it with good results. When I started my healing ministry at age 16, I utilized the healing power of Raphael. I remember selling World Book Encyclopedias door to door and praying for an elderly black woman, and she wept as her arthritic pain went away. I have seen folks on their death beds (including my own mother) turn around and get better sooner with the invocation of Raphael as part of my program of healing work.

Rooted originally in Zoroastrianism, the major monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all believe that angels exist. I believe they are emissaries (known by many names) of Divine Will that will help humanity when called upon. One of my favorite angels is Raphael, who is called the Arch Angel of Healing. I read about him in a new way as I started studying the esoteric works of Israel Regardie, as a teenager. In that system, Raphael was invoked for healing work. My belief is that angels will respond to human beings (as the crown of creation) when they are asked to do so. They have a free will paradigm in which they cannot assert themselves where they are not wanted. Tuning into to God, to the POWER of the LIGHT is one way of invoking angels—as you request Grace, Peace, Love, Light, Joy, Prosperity, Good Health—all of these are Divine attributes and if you ask you will receive!!

Part of healing work is to center oneself in Divine Energy… which we can experience when we focus in this direction. When I prepare to get in the healing zone… I breathe deeply and charge my aura with light. I revitalize my chakras with awareness. My favorite healing chant is:

RAPHAEL RAPHAEL RAPHAEL” which I chant four times… then I add the English translation of the name from the Hebrew: “GOD HAS HEALED; GOD IS HEALING.” I can then take this energy as it builds and project it for long distance healing, for personal use, or for personal contact when available.

This letter comes to you charged with the gracious loving cosmic spiritual energy of RAPHAEL, Divine Arch-

Angel of Healing. When you choose to say his name and request Divine Healing, he will answer. Ask him to station one of his healing ministerial angels to be with you always… bringing protection, peace, love, creativity, and good health. Ask the power of the light to CHARGE YOUR AURA, make it WHOLE. Ask the LIGHT to bless your home and all of your affairs. Ask and you will receive. Blessed be we!!!Blessed be well!!!

As my brother in the light Al Manning was fond of quoting: “For He will command His angels, concerning you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11


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