Venus is RETRO!!  until Sept 4th, 2023 ; Mercury goes Retro Aug 23rd to Sept 15th 2023

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                                             PLOD THROUGH IT!  STAY THE COURSE!!

                                 By Sami MERLYN, DD


HEY NOW, as Al Manning would say, illigitimi non carborundum, which was his pet phony Latin Phrase for “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” As I write this, VENUS is Retrograde… and the good news is we are plodding through it and since it went Retro July 22nd, we are making our way through these challenging times! Venus Retro only happens every year and a half, and since the goddess of LOVE affects all life, for her to go on vacation for six weeks is challenging.  The tendency is for folks to be dissatisfied, emotional and want a change.  The admonition is to “stay the course” and not make major changes.  I tell myself to shield my heart, as I strive to stay in my spiritual center and transcend all the ____________   _____________ that comes my way.


It is about to get more interesting as Mercury will join Venus in Retrograde motion.  So one way of counting is that we have broken hearts (Venus Retro) to go along with broken minds (Mercury Retro). I have to confess that I have found such conditions extra challenging and tell myself to shield my heart, guard my mind, and strive to be centered in SPIRIT.


Personally, I am looking toward Fall Equinox when the Sun enters LIBRA early on September 23rd.  I will strive for patience and attempt to focus on that which must be done, while waiting for better times for more ambitious efforts.


My personal Mercury Retro Survival Plan is also relevant to Venus Retro.  I would add it is important to pray more, meditate more, and strive for your transcendent spiritual center during this unsettling time.  If you know what you are up against, you have a better chance to get through it.  I focus on what must be done as I put one foot in front of the other and avoid social complications and wait for a better time!!!  Stay the course… these influences will pass!


My personal Mercury Retro Survival Plan:

1) don’t panic.

2) say less not more.

3) stay in your spiritual center.

4) be patient with all communications.

5) prune all unnecessary activity – especially travel plans and new projects.

6) avoid new purchases – especially computers, automobiles, and electronic devices.

7) know that this aspect has a beginning, a middle, and an end… keep plodding through it, with PERSEVERANCE.

8) don’t quit your job, change your friends, or your location – save this for better times.

9) emphasize the “better” aspect of Mercury retro: Plan for a future, see old friends, work on stalled projects, clean out closets, emphasize spirituality. 

10) Focus on the ORANGE LIGHT to help promote mental clarity.


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