pan god playing flute


Venus is RETRO!!  until Sept 4th, 2023     Mercury goes Retro Aug 23rd to Sept 15th 2023   NEW MOON Today August 16th v/c in LEO


HEY NOW, as Al Manning would say, “ILLIGITIMI NON CARBORUNDUM”, which was his pet phony Latin Phrase for “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” One way to transcend is to have fun!  Another is TUNE INTO THE BEAUTY OF NATURE!!  Al Manning in his light course said, “We all remember the legend of the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” That’s a gross understatement! The secrets of life itself are wrapped up in that rainbow. Today we tune into GREEN AS THE MIDDLE COLOR OF THE RAINBOW– THE POINT OF BALANCE AND PEACE. The Psalmist gives us a delicious feeling of PEACE with his words of green pastures and still waters. The color of lush vegetation always brings us an aura of peace, comfort and opulence. And this is no accident! Peace is to be found at the point of balance, the center of gravity, the midpoint.” 


SPIRIT POWER TO ENHANCE YOUR COLOR MAGICK– Our Merry Spirit Band is made up of ETP’s (Energy Transforming Personalities) that bring each color to life. Today we focus on the GREEN ray: Osiris, ancient Lord of LIFE, DEATH, NATURE, Barley & Beer– Osiris was mentioned in Al’s ISHTAR MAGICK series as the GREEN Energy Transforming Personality. When Al moved to Texas he liked PAN for the GREEN ray. Other ancient personalities that can be utilized to invoke the GREEN light of love, growth and nature are: Hiawatha, Ezmarelda, and OSTARA. The heart is the center for the GREEN LIGHT OF LOVE!  Today is a good time to FEEL LOVE in your heart, especially with Venus Retrograde.


One of our members writes in that he had a fun vision of Pan. SC writes us from Colorado: 

“I saw all the problems all at once, like fuzzy balls all around me.  Pan was saying all you have to do is strip-away the stress. Then the music began… the striper tune, with horns blazing and with tassels spinning! Pan focused on kicking the problem-fuzz balls away– with each kick in time to the music. This was sure a lot of fun and was easy to see the worries bounce away.”  As the Nature Spirits sing and play, let us “feel our problems fade away!!”

In the early Greek language, Spirit was defined as “the breath through Pan’s pipes.”  Listen to nature for inspiration.  Here I have the birds singing daily, including the gaggling of a flock of nearby Canadian geese, and hawks crying.  Find a personal place to hear the sound of Nature, Spirit playing through Pan’s pipes as we celebrate being alive as a great gift.  Count your blessings, with gratitude, as we plod through the Venus Retro with Mercury Retro combo pack and know these two shall pass!

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