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Mercury Retrograde and You by Al G Manning

The science of astronomy grew out of the art of astrology. Astrologers still look at the universe from a geocentric point of view (the earth as the center of the universe with everything revolving around it).
Astronomy adopts the heliocentric viewpoint from which there can be no retrogrades. But it still appears from earth that the planets do occasionally move backwards in their orbits and that's what we call a retrograde condition.
Retrograde Mercury is the toughest to handle. It tears hell out of communication in general and presents a bad time to start new projects. But it's a good time for cleaning out your closets and finishing off old or stalled projects. I knew one lady who got frustrated during retrograde Mercury and stormed into her boss's office demanding a raise and she got it.
We get a retrograde Mercury about 3 times a year. Each one lasts 3 to 4 weeks.
Mercury is retrograde in 2006:
1) March 2, 2006 until March 25, 2006
2) July 4, 2006 until July 29, 2006
3) October 29, 2006 until November 18, 2006
Retrograde Venus is a real challenge to one's value system. It only happens about once in 18 months. This year (2006) we get it from January 1 through February 2. Happily it doesn't coincide with retrograde Mercury times. 'Cause that feels flat out disastrous. By staying carefully and deliberately positive we can handle it all and go forward together. Let's do it!.

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde by Sam Rose

Mercury Retrograde Survival Plan:
1) don't panic.
2) say less not more.
3) strive to stay in your spiritual center.
4) be extra patient with all communications.
5) prune all unnecessary activity-- especially travel plans and new projects.
6) avoid new purchases-- especially computers, automobiles, and electronic devices.
7) know that this aspect has a beginning, a middle, and an end... keep plodding through it.
8) don't quit your job, change your friends, or your location-- save this for better times.
9) emphasize the "better" aspect of Mercury retro: see old friends, work on stalled projects, clean out closets, emphasize spirituality.

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