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As many of us get through the challenges of extreme winter weather, Al Manning would say, “this too shall pass.” It is important to stay positive and forward thinking. Al knew that Life is Change.  Now, for those of us in the North American continent, Spring is just around the corner.  Let us welcome the pending Spring into our hearts and minds and then, before you know it, Spring with all its glory of renewal and rebirth returns.


Recently I received a copy of the book, THE I-CHING, which is also known as THE BOOK OF CHANGES.  Some fifty years or so ago, I became exposed to its teachings, which offer oracles and ethical teachings since the dawn of time.  One of my favorite principles I have gleaned from its ancient texts is the idea that “perseverance furthers!”  And as someone who is determined to get through the many issues of life with some style and a smile, this saying has served me.  


Nature, the Great Teacher is always changing… and thus She gives us the opportunity to begin again.  We have recently celebrated Winter Solstice (the beginning of the solar year), New Year’s day, Chinese New Year (celebrating the softer bunny year) Imbolc (which is the half way mark of winter), and now we are solidly moving towards the beginning of Spring, which the Greeks and Romans regarded as the beginning of the year.  


Like the seasons, Al Manning was “always new and exciting,” which is a great positive attitude as we approach Spring Renewal. Positive attitudes can lead you to a better day and a more successful life.  In addition to positive attitude, persevering furthers your personal progress.  We also like to plan as we approach the true beginning of the new year.  I will look at the seasons, the moon and solar cycles.  I also watch Mercury and Venus, and plan around their cycles.  During their Retrograde motions, it especially is a time to plod through life and persevere as these periods challenge the mind and the heart.


FYI, we have three more Mercury Retrograde periods in 2023 as follows:

April 21st 2023 to May 14th, 2023

August 23rd to September 15th, 2023

December 13th 2023 to January 1, 2024

AND a VENUS Retro period July 23rd to September 4th, 2023.  While Mercury Retro can seem to break the mind for a bit, Venus Retro breaks the heart.  Mercury Retro is a time of mental challenge while Venus Retro is a period of emotional disfunction.  Let’s have FUN, anyway, as we smile and Win!  Blessed be with LOVE & the Power of the LIGHT, shining upon your trail.

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