Unconditional Love

This Universe is a free will Universe made up of 12 dimensions. Science proved 20+ years ago that each of these 12 dimensions moves 60 times faster than the one before it. This is something the ancients knew, is written in the Vedas, and is referenced in the Old Testament. As we know there are many things science does not understand, especially energy. For example, today science estimates 68-94% of energy is “dark energy”, a term they use to describe what they do not understand. In physical cosmology and astronomy, dark energy is defined as an unknown form of energy that affects the universe on the largest scales. The reality is each dimension of the Universe has 2 energies, which can be called electro-magnetic and magneto-electric. The difference between these two energies is whether the positive or the negative ion leads. Although the two energies are often referred to as positive or negative, they are also spoken about as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. I prefer to use Light and Love. Light is a purification type of energy whereas Love is a healing type of energy. It is the combinations of the interactions of these 2 energies in all 12 dimensions that make up all “forces” (gravity, electromagnetism, dark energy, etc.) of “nature”.

There are over 15 different definitions of love in a number of English dictionaries. These definitions define love as a feeling of deep affection and an affectionate concern for the well-being of others. Most of us can relate to these definitions using our own personal experiences. However, while dictionaries, in any language today, correctly define third dimensional conditional love, they are incorrect in their attempts to define the multi-dimensional aspects of unconditional love.

It is easy to describe and define aspects of life that one has consciously experienced, but it is nigh impossible to describe aspects of life that one has not consciously experienced. Thus, defining conditional love is simple, and defining unconditional love is beyond the capabilities of most people.

Today’s dictionaries incorrectly define the concept of unconditional love as being the benevolent affection of GOD for his creatures and the reverent affection due from them to GOD, which improperly defines both the word GOD and the higher dimensional levels of energy called unconditional love.

The concept that GOD is an angry white-haired old man originates from the misinterpretation of the phrase that human beings are created in the image of GOD. Another misinterpretation is that GOD is a He, She or an It. GOD is a three-letter word that is used to describe a conscious awareness that includes everyone and everything in our Universe, and in all 99 Universes in this creation. People have forgotten that GOD’s energies of unconditional love and unceasing light are everywhere in our universe.

In this article I will use the term GOD. If you are uncomfortable with that term, you may substitute Great Spirit, Source, Zero Point, or whatever term you are comfortable with.

A human physical body’s third dimensional Mind is capable of giving only Conditional Love. From a third dimensional perception, one’s brain takes a romantic relationship and attempts to make that relationship an Unconditional Love relationship based on some level of open-mindedness. However, the energies of Love in third dimensional relationships stop flowing when there is any type of emotional misunderstanding. One can give the higher dimensional energies of Unconditional Love only while one is in an Enlightened brain/Mind connection.

Earthly happy third dimensional Conditional Love Energies are the highest-level Love Energies generated by the human Physical Body’s brain. The lowest level Unconditional Love Energies are the heavenly Joyful fourth dimensional Love Energies generated by the human Emotional Body’s Mind.

Conditional love is remarkable and relates to the deep level of affection that 2 people in third dimensional physical bodies can feel for each other. Unconditional love, however, is a multi-dimensional level energy that can enable one who is ready to enter any dimensional level of our universe through what scientists today call wormholes.

Unconditional Love is an energy that is FAR greater and more fulfilling than the highest-level love energies that a mother or father feels for their child or the love that people have for each other. Unconditional love is an energy that goes far beyond the constraints of a temporary human physical body.

The vastness and incredible feelings of energies in the higher dimensional levels of unconditional love enables one to self-heal oneself, to heal others, and to experience the many wonders that exist in the higher dimensional levels of unconditional love in our universe.

There will be more information about all of the above in my upcoming course which I plan to release during the summer 2023. I may be contacted at mgm00056@earthlink.net

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