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Free will is the idea that humans (the only Beings on Earth that have a Soul) have the ability to make our own choices and determine our own fates. With this in mind, do people really have free will, or are people’s lives in fact shaped by powers outside of their control? This question has long challenged and still does challenge philosophers and religious thinkers, as well as scientists who have examined the problem from psychological and neuroscientific perspectives. In addition to these perspectives is the idea that people have free and the capacity to make choices undetermined by past events, a state Dynamism helps people attain and calls Personal Sovereignty.

Behavioral science firmly believes that an individuals’ behavioral tendencies and decisions are influenced by genetics, as well as by factors in the environment that may be outside of a person’s control. When considering free will, these beliefs suggest that there are, at least, some constraints on the range of decisions and behaviors a person will be inclined to make, or at a minimum to even to consider, in any given situation.

While there are many reasons to believe that a person’s will is not completely free of influence, there is no scientific consensus against free will.

The Truth is we live in a 12 dimensional free will Universe. The above philosophers, religious thinkers, and scientists do not take into account karma and reincarnation. Even most spiritual people do not fully and properly understand karma and reincarnation. Not only do we choose our parents, we also choose our DNA and most of the events that occur in our first 12 years on this planet. We make these choices before we even take our first breath in a human body. After age 12 most the events in our life are determined by the choices we make during the current lifetime, including those made as a young child.

Another consideration when pondering free will is Black magic which traditionally refers to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and/or selfish purposes, and has serious consequences (karma) because it violates free will. For example, occasionally I get a request demanding I MAKE so and so do such and such. Although I could do it, there is no amount of money (or anything else) that would even tempt me to do it, for hopefully obvious reasons. We may not like what someone does to us, or to our friends or relatives, but all of the participants (including ourselves) in that situation are there to learn and grow. You, I, or anyone else cannot interfere without SERIOUS consequences, no matter how we try to justify it. What I will do is ask for the highest outcome for everyone concerned in the situation in energetic equanimity and emotional harmony with no attachment to the outcome. Human nature seems to often make us feel guilty, so I want to make sure that you know I am not referring to requests from members for help before they go to court or meet with an ex, go on an interview, or whatever. These requests have always been voiced as wanting the highest good, and I am happy to help.

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