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summer solstice


Celebrate Midsummer my friends,


June 21st is the Summer Solstice at the moment that the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. Also known as Midsummer, it is one of the eight great spokes on the Celtic wheel of the seasons. The Solstice (meaning sun stands still) is universally recognized in all cultures as an important turning point—it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Sun energy is at its peak and we feel its primal creative force. 


Midsummer’s Eve is one of the three important spirit nights of the year; the other two are Beltane (May Day) and Samhain (Halloween). It is a time when the dimensions between the agreed upon notions of reality and the existing other realities are so thin that we can communicate and even see those in the spirit worlds more easily. We have the opportunity to access the greater wisdom from our spirit guides, Faerie Folk, and ancestors and this gift of wise counsel can be truly valuable. 


For millennia, those who sought to enforce their limited narrative have put forth disinformation about the nature of such spirits, deliberately creating fear. However, Shakespeare’s comedy, The Tempest, was tapping into common beliefs existing as late as Elizabethan times, that Midsummer is the time for contact with the world of Faerie. Recently, I have been speaking with friends who have had contact with this world and I’ve read astonishing stories about the history of human interaction with Faerie.


From what I’ve been told, the inhabitants of Faerie are not like Tinkerbelle. One good friend has told me her Elf guide (who came to her at a difficult time in her childhood) is roughly 10 feet tall and still available to her as a friend to offer good counsel. Every indigenous group has stories of these beings and they have different names but the encounters are very much real. I have a friend from Peru who was raised in the high Andes who played with these ‘Machu Machu’ and his grandparents accepted them as well. The UK is rife with such stories. A friend who has had encounters, said that it is important to understand the reason that the Faerie retreated into another dimension after thousands of years of cooperating with humans to nurture and protect the Earth.


Long ago, certain humans wanted the magical powers that Faeries possessed, for their own gain, and corruption soon followed. There was destruction and cruel actions that eventually caused the Faerie to retreat to another dimension where they still act as stewards of nature. This is why so many stories of encounters occur in beautiful wild places, and why they choose to interact with only the humans they know are kind and have open hearts.


Maybe this is the time when good people will have more frequent interactions, joining Indigenous tribes and Faerie folk in the quest to bring balance back to the Earth, and to help protect, restore, and create more preserves, conserving threatened forests, estuaries, and wild life. One such organization is called Nature and Culture International. This Non-Profit works with local communities of indigenous people to create legally protected millions of acres, and these areas are owned and managed by the communities who have lived in the areas that are their ancestral home ( 


It is time that we demonstrate our commitment as humans to join the Faerie as stewards of this Earth. Spend time in nature and though you may not encounter them yet, you can feel their approval.


Happy Midsummer, Linda

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