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Al Manning originally wrote “A New LIGHT of Help for You” in 1968 and to me, it is the foundation of all of his work.  Whenever I become aware of descending into a valley, I will refresh my practice of this course and it has always helped.  To some, the concepts may seem basic, but there are many good reasons for the adage:  Keep it Simple, Students (KISS).  In my opinion, this course is the foundation of all metaphysical and spiritual work.

The first 11 lessons are an introduction to the “LIGHT” and its association with the seven best-known chakras.  Lesson 10 is particularly useful if you believe you are under psychic attack.  The five lessons that follow talk about various applications of using the LIGHT, such as getting rid of limiting conditions, attracting your perfect mate or brightening up the dark corners of your relationships, and improving your business success.  The last four lessons focus on the basics and foundation of all of spirituality.

Two of the major projects I am currently working on are fixing the typos and cleaning up the web version of the course and writing a follow-up course (tentatively named the “Advance LIGHT Course”) which will go deeper into many of the lessons from the original course plus add some of the recent discoveries of Quantum Physics (Al was at least 40 years ahead of his time and his big dream was to marry spirituality with science, exactly what Quantum Physics is doing today).  In addition, Sami and I are talking about co-leading an online workshop of “A New LIGHT of Help for You” starting this fall.  Stay tuned!

Chakras can become blocked by fear, guilt, shame, and many other stuck emotions and barriers.  Many people spiritually bypass these stuck emotions, especially those stuck in the lower three chakras.  This is like taking care of the top half of a building and not doing any maintenance on the lower half of the building – eventually, that building will come tumbling down.  To own our full power and face the challenges of life, we need to be present, balanced, and grounded.  None of the chakras is better than any of the others.  No color is better than any other color.  It is by using all of these in a balanced manner that we obtain true and sustainable growth.  “A New LIGHT of Help for You” will help you do that.

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