ESP and Hinduism

ESP and Hinduism

They probably prefer to call it Vedanta after their scriptures because Hindus is just the name of the river, but it’s an interesting and most ancient religion. As I remember they recognize a good 35 avatars (including Jesus and Mohammad) most all born of a virgin in a cave surrounded by animals and died on a cross. That’s the traditional astrological allegory.

The Hindu Holy Trinity

Quite like Christianity they deny woman a place in the holy trinity – Brahma, Atman & the GodHead are all depicted as male, as are the principle gods, Vishnu (the preserver) & Shiva (the destroyer but the destruction always makes way for something better – a new baby is from Shiva). Long time ago I asked Lord Shiva to manifest to me as a woman so I could make love to her and get used to change.

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