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Astrology Archive 2003 – 2011
ESP Lab Editorials 2002
Astrology Archive 2001 – 2002
ESP Lab Editorials 2001
ESP Lab Editorials 2000

Astrology Archive 2003 – 2011

March 2011 (Scroll down for February 2011)

KEYS: Sensitive Pisces (Feb 18th to March 20th)
“I feel; I believe; I receive.”
Fiery Aries (March 20th to April 20th)
“I am; I initiate.”
Charting the planets: Our Month starts with only SATURN RETROGRADE– However MERCURY goes RETRO at the end of the month. Push to get things accomplished before Mercury Retrograde!
Magick is about mood and attitude… only approach your altar with postive energy, love, optimism, and good vibes!
GOOD MAGICKS BEST DAYS— 4, 5, 14, 18, 19, 21, & 22
Fertile Magick times– Increasing Moon in water signs– 4, 5, 13, & 14
Consider Jupiter trines— Good fortune! 16, 24

Mars squares and oppositions— 11, 18,& 25
temper tantrums, wars, 9/11, accidents, road rage, fist fights.

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ESP Lab Editorials 2002

June 2002

( A mini editorial by Al )

It’s nice to be so full of enthusiasm for the new day that you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed 20 minutes or so before your scheduled get up time. I haven’t used an alarm clock for over 30 years – they’re too noisy and startling anyway. It’s much nicer to set your psychic alarm system to wake you gently and lovingly. It works wonderfully – I haven’t overslept but twice in 30 years. You can still have all the fun on the astral and come back quite fully refreshed and rarin’ to go. Remember the root of enthusiasm is the Latin term “en theos” which literally means “full of God.”
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Astrology Archive 2001 – 2002

October 2002 (Scroll down for September 2002)

Quite a lot of planetary activity – we start with Mercury, Uranus & Neptune in the retrograde mode. Happily Mercury turns direct on the 6th and Neptune goes direct on the 20th, Meanwhile Venus turns retrograde on the 10th followed by Saturn on the 11th. A real state of flux, with Venus bringing her usual challenges to our value systems. Brings to mind “me pappy’s” pet comment: “When it rains it rains on both sides of the line of scrimmage.” I intend to play “Dauntless Dino” for this part and invite you all to join me.
Planting and project launching days look to be the 7th, 8th & 9th very good with the 12th & 13th OK and the 17th & 18 good too.
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ESP Lab Editorials 2001

January 2001
Hi! Instant Miracles v.s. metaphysical perseverance is our theme of the month. It’s good to start every ritual or metaphysical treatment with the expectation of miraculously instant success, but back it up with the perseverance it takes to win and the understanding that the game isn’t over ’till it’s over. Our editorial and self help program expand on this theme especially on the healing and health level. Do give them a good looking over then dive in, enjoy, laugh with us, accept your highest good & WIN often.
The opening of our August Self Help Program seems to have stirred up some serious interest. For instance P.G. of Charlotte, NC quickly wrote: “When the Lady back in the late sixties ‘simply got out of her physical body, removed the scars from her astral body and manifested the same beautiful skin when back in the flesh, it appears that it only took one treatment.
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ESP Lab Editorials 2000

January 2000
Hi! Spirit often demonstrates Its awesome power in quite spectacular ways. In my own experience it often happens as part of Their teaching me new applications of spiritual principles and so spurring spiritual growth in most practical ways This month’s editorial and self help program are designed to share a bunch of powerful stuff with you and so enhance your personal progress. Do dive in, enjoy, laugh, accept your highest good & WIN often.
Most interesting! When I went out to get the paper the other morning I noticed that our White Unifawn (lawn statue) was missing. Reminded me of the time a little over 2 years ago when my altar got destroyed.
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