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Navigating By the Stars, Astro Cliff Notes; July 2017
Navigating By the Stars, Astro Cliff Notes; June 2017
Navigating By the Stars, Astro Cliff Notes; May 2017
Self Help Exercise
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Astrology Archive 2011-2016
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Editorial Archive 2003-2011

Navigating By the Stars, Astro Cliff Notes; July 2017

Snap shot for July
Neptune, Saturn & Pluto are on an inward spiral, facilitating the introspective energy flow of these big giants. Mercury will be retrograding on August 13th – so if you need to buy a new car or computer equipment do it this month rather than wait until it breaks down in August when the retrograde puts pressure on you.
Aries & Libra … You may find opportunities are abundant but the time of re-inventing yourself is soon to be over – get ready to bring results in a tangible form.Taurus & Scorpio … This is another month of relaxation, fun and frivolity … ok well at the least relaxation. Get outside and warm up.Gemini & Sagittarius … Peace, Harmony and a good book is all you need, time to get your library organized.
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Navigating By the Stars, Astro Cliff Notes; June 2017

Snap shot for June
Jupiter moves direct on the 10th of June Neptune joins Saturn & Pluto are on an inward spiral, facilitating the introspective energy flow of these big giants.Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st … Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Cancerian’s out there. You may notice your energy levels begin to increase and by the end of the month you will start to revitalize your energy by soaking in the Solar rays that infuse you with health and vitality. Get active and moving – hugs all around.Double Whammy and challenging days for everyone are … 2, 24, 27 … use short meditative breaks throughout the day – remember to breathe.

Meditation or relaxed days – make them the best days ever 3, 6, 14, 19, 20, 26… Experiment with different types of meditation such as deep breathing – moving chi gong, walking, music, meditation – silence or guided, gentle yoga or soft stretching .

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Navigating By the Stars, Astro Cliff Notes; May 2017

Snap shot for May
Mercury moves direct on the 4th – but continue to be cautious when signing contracts or purchasing electronics until he picks up speed in a couple of weeks. Venus drives full force ahead which means that making decisions about what you need in order to create harmony in your life and communicating what you need should start to get a little easier. Don’t forget you are not the only one, take others into consideration when making those major decisions. Jupiter – Saturn – Pluto still on an inward spiral, which means that opportunity, structure and changes continue to be made an a very personal and inner level.Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th … Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Geminis’ out there.
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Self Help Exercise

SELF HELP EXERCISE:TURN to the Universal SPIRIT CONTACTOf your POWER STAR in your newsletter opening paragraph. Thousands of years ago ancient people used an 8 pointed power star as an invocation of Universal Energies… centered in the power of the LOVE PLANET, VENUS, with the SUN & MOON all in the infinite center, surrounded by the celestial bodies of Mars, the Sun, Venus, the Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and the Moon. These power points represent the chakras from the red root chakra, the orange sun chakra, yellow for Venus, green for earth, blue for Jupiter, indigo for Mercury, violet for Saturn, and white for the Moon. Put your receiving hand on your opening paragraph power star, meditate upon it & feel the energies of the Cosmos pour into you as you say “I accept the BOUNTY of the Universe.”

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Editorial Archive 2011 – 2016

December 2016
ESP by AL G Manning, DD
You were born with ESP… everybody was, but the material focus of modern society tries to educate it out of us. ESP is a general term including intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, Spirit Contact, astral travel and the like. It will pay you well to at least partially focus back on the wonderful ESP powers you were born with.
The three “wise men” who brought gifts to baby Jesus were Zoroastrian Astrologers who had predicted his birth. It’s a long way from Persia to Bethlehem and navigational instruments were not all that advanced. There must have been some excellent ESP to guide the “wise men” to their destination. And that works for us all today like it did for them on that first “Christmas.”
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Astrology Archive 2011-2016

April (Scroll down for March 2016)
Navigating By the Stars, Astro Cliff Notes;
Snap shot for April
5 of 8 planets are moving either out of or into a retrograde (inner spiral) this month. Mercury moves into his retrograde (inner spiral) on the 10th Jupiter continues on his Retrograde through Libra. Venus has moves all the way back into Pisces (one of her power positions) and then moves direct on the 15th. Saturn and Pluto begin their yearly retrogrades. This is a time of waiting and planning don’t try to push things into fruition – it will all come with time.

Sun moves into Taurus on the 19th … Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Taurus’ out there. Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality.

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Musings Archive

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Moon Letter Archive

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Editorial Archive 2003-2011

March 2011
(based on A NEW LIGHT OF HELP FOR YOU by Al Manning)
We all remember the legend of the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” That’s a gross understatement! The secrets of life itself are wrapped up in that rainbow, whether it is produced in Nature, or by passing sunlight through a prism in the laboratory.
The true Sun Worshippers of Ancient Egypt understood the meaning of LIGHT and color. To them the Sun was a symbol of the givingness of the Life Energy, and its radiations provided all the necessities of balanced growth. The “inner circle” in the temples practiced healing through balancing LIGHT in the human aura. They practiced “astral travel,” and understood the principles of reincarnation.
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