A Blessing for your Prosperity!


 By Sami MERLYN Rose


Maverick Magickians are aware that our words have power. Words– whether written or spoken—are a magickal operation, either conscious or unconscious. We take our thoughts and make them physical which is an act of magick. When we are aware of the magick and perform it with intention and conviction– it becomes more potent.


Let’s use the ENERGY OF SPRING with some LUSH GREEN Prosperity Magicks as we celebrate RENEWAL.


My first exposure to Al’s writings came when a friend gave me Al’s WW book, in the late 70’s. I had some business reversals and needed some help… and turned to the chapter on prosperity magick. I was intrigued by Al’s metaphysical understanding of herbs and decided to try a batch of prosperity powder.
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A Blessing for your Prosperity!

Set your attitude as one of good-natured friendship towards the little people. This chant will get you on the path of “good luck” that the nature spirits can easily bring you.

– excerpted from Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft by Al Manning

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