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What’s next? Turn to the LIGHT!


Wow, with the past lunar cycle of a Solar eclipse on the new moon, a complete Lunar eclipse on the full moon with Mercury Retrograde, we can wonder what will befall us next? The celestial influences have been especially challenging with plenty of strong Mars’ action (as it squares the moon– temper tantrums and wars), with Pluto squaring the moon and Venus (explosive heart breaking emotionalism– that can be linked to death).

     We have each had our share of challenges as we plodded through the confusion and delays of Mercury Retrograde, with all the rest. And the good news is “this too shall pass.” Mercury will go direct soon on June 3rd, and it will be good to put it and the eclipses behind us. 

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Green Light Meditation


Let’s turn to the LOVE-ly GREEN LIGHT

of Growth, HealingPeace, Prosperity and Good Health as we accept the fresh new good fortune of the ELECTRIC GREEN FIRE!! Let us BE ONE with the GREEN shimmering energy. Let’s PLAY and HAVE FUN with our beautiful friends, the nature spirits (they are real you know)– leprechauns, gnomes, elves, sprites & gronkydoddles– as we experience– with laughter and JOY– this LIVING LOVING LIGHT of NATURE. Feel ONENESS with Nature and all GREEN living things… (This LIGHT is celebrated with the elves and nature spirits & ENERGY Transforming Personalities of PAN, OSIRIS, HIAWATHA, the “GREEN MAN,” Cernunnos, GOB & OSTARA). “SHIMMER GREEN” with a positive GROWTH ORIENTED TRANSFORMATION as we experience WHOLENESS, WELLNESS, PROTECTION, LOVE, PEACE, RENEWAL with NEW LIFE– With the Power of the Green Light.

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ESPLAB Spring22–Prosperity



By Sami MERLYN Rose


Maverick Magickians are aware that our words have power.  Words–  whether written or spoken—are a magickal operation, either conscious or unconscious.  We take our thoughts and make them physical which is an act of magick.  When we are aware of the magick and perform it with intention and conviction– it becomes more potent.


Let’s use the ENERGY OF SPRING with some LUSH GREEN Prosperity Magicks as we celebrate RENEWAL.


My first exposure to Al’s writings came when a friend gave me Al’s WW book, in the late 70’s.  I had some business reversals and needed some help… and turned to the chapter on prosperity magick.  I was intrigued by Al’s metaphysical understanding of herbs and decided to try a batch of prosperity powder. 

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Sami Merlyn DD


If you asked our friend and comrade Al Manning, “What’s new?” He would answer, “Me, I am always new and exciting!” This upbeat attitude is important to “keep on keeping on” with the pervasive many challenges of life. Every day is a new day with an opportunity to begin again.


The great wheel of Nature turns and the seasons change and we recently celebrated on

02-02-22 IMBOLC, a Celtic word meaning “in the belly.” This is one of the 8 Grove Festivals we celebrate at ESP LAB HQ. Now we look forward towards the coming of Spring!


Our friend, mentor and ESP Lab “wise woman” Linda Savage, DD, PhD offers her perspective on IMBOLC and all of our grove celebrations at our

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I love to start my day with Thanksgiving. I believe as we count our good fortunes it attracts blessings.  Al would say what we give our attention multiplies.  I also like to count my blessings during times of challenge and emotional distress. It changes the channel from counting disturbances to counting joys.  I typically start my morning with “Thank you Father for a day.”  I am then thankful for birds that sing as I watch them fly through the sanctuary skies against a backdrop of beautiful mountains.  


I am thoughtful of the magnificence of nature and the amazing power of Divine Forces to create and shape our material reality giving me the benefit of each breath. I am thankful for a hot cup of good coffee and I celebrate life with dogs and friends. 

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Fall a time of Harvest with Fall Equinox and Samhain!






Full Moon in Pisces                                                                                Sept 20th, 2021    

                                                                                                                                               Be the HERO of your LIFE– Turn to the LIGHT 

As We Follow the Cycles of Time.



Be the Hero of Your Life! 


Greetings of LOVE and Laughter from the mountain top! We are starting the winding down of ye olde solar year as we move into the new fall cycle! Life is like the great ocean… there are sunny days, and stormy days… there are high tides and low tides. Nature is the great teacher and teaches by example. Life is an ebb and a flow! Life is seasonal!


Autumn Equinox is here (September 22nd, Sun enters Libra) and then too soon winter follows. 

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NEW MOON MAGICK: Patience, Persistence, Peace, Protection and Power!


The new moon is an opportunity to begin again.  It hits us roughly 13 times a year, once a moonth.  Al Manning loved to keep things fresh saying, “What’s new? Me I am always new and exciting.”  The new moon represents a time to leave behind the things that no longer serve us and emphasize what is good and meaningful in our lives.  Let us celebrate our new beginnings and take the best and leave the rest as we continue on our spiral of growth!!!


One thing that is constant in life is CHANGE!  Let’s hope the direction of your change is positive! Life is an ebb and flow with movement from light to dark and back again. In any event, we must persevere, and on “snowy days” (nice to have a thought of a cool winter in this heat wave) if we want to get somewhere we have to get into plod mode with persistence to accomplish. 

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MERCURY is Retrograde and goes Direct June 22, 2021

NEW MOON in Gemini— Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021                                  Mercury Retrograde: May 29th to June 22nd, 2021


The planet Mercury– which rules the mind, communication, business, & transportation– has gone on another vacation and this one is from May 29th to June 22nd, 2021.  This does happen roughly 20% of the time.

We have moved into plod mode for this term.  It takes perseverance but you can do it! We can do it!!  We can get through this! As Al would say, “This too shall pass.”

Actually, Mercury Retrograde is a good opportunity to slow down a little and be centered in the peace and love of the Divine.  Celebrate rest, see established friends and family, or enjoy your own company– and let’s enjoy our time anyway! 

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For Spring, Let us turn to the GREEN Light of LOVE!!

 With Healing, Growth and Prosperity accept our new good!! BE ONE with the GREEN Fire!!  Let’s PLAY and HAVE FUN with our beautiful friends, the nature spirits (they are real you know)– leprechauns, gnomes, elves, sprites & gronkydoddles– as we experience– with laughter and JOY– this 

LIVING LOVING LIGHT of NATURE. Let us TUNE INTO the Green Garments of the Earth Mother!

      Feel ONENESS with Nature and all GREEN living things… (This LIGHT is celebrated on the rey of the elves and nature spirits & ENERGY Transforming


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The Magick of the Love and Healing Power of OSTARA, Goddess of Spring

Spring has come to the mountains of Colorado, where I live and where we host the ESP LAB HQ.  Snow and ice are melting, green grass is starting to grow as other green plants poke their heads above their dark wintry earth homes, seeking the new sun.  I am reminded of the Goddess Ostara.  Also known as Eostre… the name provides roots for words like Easter and Estrogen.  She is associated with the Spring Equinox and some call this celebration by Her name.

I had the amazing rare experience of meeting Ostara, Spring of 1980.  I was a newer ESP Lab member at the time, and living in Hollywood and attending classes in the ESP LAB of Hollywood.  THE MAGICK of NEW ISHTAR POWER was Al’s latest book and I was really enjoying the read with the emphasis on personal spirit contact. 

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